Tuesday, August 11, 2009


1) in dreams- roy orbison
2) chase the dragon - beasts of bourbon
3) do you want new wave or do you want the truth - minutemen
4) honk if you're lonely - silver jews
5) drugs - black lips
6) leave me in hell - venom
7) crystal stilts- crystal stilts
8) wonder beer - naked raygun
9) heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping - grouper
10) crazy? yes! dumb? no! - mint chicks

Saturday, March 14, 2009


1 - flipper - ever
2 - eddy current - wrapped up
3 - oxford collapse - young love delivers
4 - dum dum girls - jail la la
5 - magazine - shot by both sides
6 - vivian girls - tell the world
7 - alkaline trio - mercy me
8 - danzig - twist of cain
9 - go-betweens - lee remick
10 - blank dogs - show room
11 - my new cork wedges - gross as

Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009


1. lie down here and be my girl - nick cave and the bad seeds
fuck meg ryan's collagen lips, take whatever nick cave is taking/has taken and you've found the fountain of youth. or, maybe it's less of a fountain than a continuous stream, and you'll just feel the same way you're feeling now for the rest of your life. it's ok; a little from column a, a little from column b. still, did you 'date' p.j harvey? did you write 'stranger than kindness'? no? then maybe your lips need a little plumping dude.
2. paul revere - beastie boys
time is measured in clocks or beastie boys songs. i wish i was kathleen hanna. i don't wanna marry a hilltop hood!
3. greensky greenlake - dead meadow
how many times have you heard about a song being 'psychadelic' only to find it just sounds like a shitty cover of a brian jonestown b-side? and by that i mean something not even good enough to make a black rebel b-side. you know what i'm saying. listen to this and feel those levels lifting in some forest or bushland area like you've only dreamed of.
4. big eyed beans from venus - captain beefheart
top ten sexiest things ever. even sexier than michael hutchence in the video for 'need you tonight'. no, wait, i'm crazy talking. not sexier than that. but close.
5. mystery - wipers
plus you can so tell paul westerberg was listening and taking notes.
6. precious rose - eddy current
because i'm so cool and indie and hey have you heard of this new band eddy current suppression ring?
7. celebrated summer - husker du
it's really more about feeling than saying. bob mould is king! MOULD!
8. war pigs - black sabbath
once vince neil told me ozzy ozzbourne snorted a line of ants. but, hey once a leprechaun told me to burn things, so what do i know?
9. gfc - albert hammond jr.
who would have thunk it? albert projecting above the strokes on some crazy acetate level. i wouldn't have. but now i'm gonna pretend i knew it all along and wasn't just obsessed with nick's hair or creating parallels between julian and oprah's rollercoaster weight gains and losses.
10. moon over marin - dead kennedys

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


the songs i want all the time in this time which is right now - extending across perhaps a week back and forward; not ultimates of life because this isn't that story but one day it could be...
top 10 (as it goes) orderless:
-the go-betweens - bye bye pride
i've had this in my itunes for so long and never bothered to push through the first verse, only today i did, by accident, and the chorus/anything past 47 seconds is well worth it in happy arms out dancing listening.
-jawbreaker - chesterfield king
as everything cycles so jawbreaker comes back and harder and more tearful in a conceivable down-to-earth story (you wish, loser).
-van morrison - sweet thing
so shoot me i never realized the 'astral weeks' glory until now. it's like a secret garden!
-descendents - bikeage
absolutely fucking foolproof.
-lo down - mad fright night
soundtrack to 90's new york fantasies en route of 'kids' (subtract aids/rape scenarios, add choe/harmony summertime love)
-jay reatard - fading all away
annotating this would be like telling a fifty year old how to use a knife and fork.
-the clean - slug song
-brownbird rudy relic - your trick ain't workin
he has amazing hair and energy and taste in television shows.
-daniel johnston - some things last a long time
once i was talking to my friend about organ donation and she said 'but i don't want them to take my heart, that's where my love comes from'; this song feels like that.
-the wipers - alien boy
sound equality!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

gold, now, bricks and
asphalt more
natural than natural sunlight, as it’s given. so
we can appropriate
‘the world is a beautiful place’
and leave it
there, no ifs only
yes I will Yes and you
reminded me what my elbows looked like
soon I will show you my shoulders turned
pink from playing squirrels.

Thursday, November 27, 2008



I am readily accepting your girth as displayed to the world circa v-fest 2008 as a natural part of the aging process, William; we'll all get fat one day and we'll all be better grandparents for it.
ps: how much is this beach the one where you imagine a number of your heroes 'killing an arab'?